My fellow Cumberbitches, fret not, for the time is now. The Doctor Strange trailer is now upon us.

Released as part of Marvel Week on Jimmy Kimmel Live, it’s everything a teaser trailer should be, with lots of intriguing glimpses of Stephen Strange’s journey towards becoming the Master of the Mystic Arts.

Marvel has also released two new posters for the movie, and naturally, they look amazing.

The trailer has a lot of stuff packed into two minutes, so I’ll just tell you the three best things we liked about it.

1Benny angsting


There are some actors you hire for specific purposes. If you want an actor who can cry on cue and look good while doing so, you cast James McAvoy. If you want an actor who can be both a gentleman and a maniac bent on genocide, you cast Tom Hiddleston.

And so it is with dear Benny, who gets to do a lot of angsting as the trailer shows us Strange’s fall from grace. Now that’s making full use of one of the best in the business.

2Stunning visuals


Bearing in mind that Doctor Strange deals in all sorts of mystic arts, you’d be right to expect a lot of gratuitous CGI effects. The trailer only gives us short glimpses, but there is already potential for some fantastic looking action scenes and set pieces.

We haven’t seen such mindbendingly crazy graphics since Inception, though I’m a little disappointed that we don’t seem to have any of the Steve Ditko psychedelic scenes from the comics in here.



Say what you want about the man, but there’s no denying the he can wear the shit out of a suit/coat/long flowing cape. That last shot in the trailer where he’s climbing up the stairs in full Strange regalia sent a shiver down my spine.

Then again, he should be good at it, considering how many times he’s had his back to us in official images.

Stay tuned as we tell you the three things we HATED about the Doctor Strange trailer. What did YOU think of it? Tell us!