“Quick, we need to get to Hong Kong to pander to the Chinese market!” ©Universal Pictures and Legendary Pictures

In light of the recent iCloud hack and the Sony hack, comes a tech thriller that seems particularly timely: Blackhat, starring THORRRRRRR Chris Hemsworth, and directed by no less than action impresario Michael Mann.

It’s the story of a mysterious cyber criminal being pursued by American and Chinese agencies, and the one man (of course) who can stop him: convicted hacker and genius coder Nicholas Hathaway (Chris Hemsworth). Because, as we all know, all hackers are as ripped and hams as Chris Hemsworth.

The search takes them from Chicago to Hong Kong, which gives the producers an excuse the opportunity to cast Asian stars Wang Leehom and Tang Wei.

“This isn’t about money. This isn’t about politics. I can target anyone. Anything. Anywhere,” snarls the baddie, and you just know he’s a bad baddie cos he’s got a beard and all.

It all looks very tense and taut, like the best Mann movies, though Hemsworth looks more action hero than hacker – cue shots of him running, punching and firing a gun.

Nevetheless, the movie should have wide appeal in our region, given the presence of not only Hemsworth, but Wang and Tang. There’s also the excellent Viola Davis to provide able support.

Blackhat opens in Singapore on Jan 15, 2015. Tell us your thoughts on the trailer!