Ah, Hollywood. Once upon a time, you couldn’t even tell where Singapore was on a map (I’m guessing most studio execs still can’t). Now, you can’t wait to set movies here, send your stars to our sunny shores, showcase our tourist destinations and blow us all to kingdom come.

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As you will recall, 2015 was a big year for Singapore. Both Equals and STB promotional video Hitman: Agent 47 (see our review) filmed here, with big names like Nicolas Hoult, Kristen Stewart (still loves you, even though your douchebag minder yelled at us), Zachary Quinto and Homeland‘s Rupert Friend.

Now, we’re graduating to the next level. The Independence Day Super Bowl trailer was screened last night, and it was the usual explodey, hug-me-I-love-you, aliens invading, meaningful looks at the camera stuff. But eagle-eyed Grumpy Geek Bryan Huang caught this moment at 0:22.

Independence Day Singapore
It was nice knowing you, Singapore ©20th Century Fox

Bless my eyes – if that isn’t the Marina Bay area being blown up by aliens! Sure, there’s no Merlion, and that CPMS ship looks way too close to shore, and what looks like the Esplanade Bridge is probably in the wrong spot. But hey, that IS Singapore being blown up.

We made it, people: we’re now iconic enough to be destroyed in a major Hollywood movie! And it’s even got a Singaporean actor in it! Playing a um, pilot from China.

I now officially demand that Chin Han saves the day in Independence Day: Resurgence, while yelling “Wah lau!”. You heard me, Fox. Make it happen!

Update: Sharp eyed geek Vanessa Mostafa spotted another glimpse of Singapore, complete with er New York cab.

The Independence Day: Resurgence Singapore release date has been set for June 23. Also, check out our list of 20 geek movies you must absolutely watch this year.