The first footage from Marvel’s Jessica Jones is here! It’s less than a minute long, and we don’t even get to see Jessica’s (Krysten Ritter) face, but it does give a fair bit of insight into the life of the hard-drinking, chain smoking former superhero.

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To refresh your memory – Jessica Jones is a former costumed hero who opens her own detective agency. If you’ve read the comics, Jessica’s all kinds of messed up, courtesy of a traumatic childhood and some awful encounters with the mind-controlling Purple Man (David Tennant).

We don’t know yet how closely the show will mirror the comics, but we do hope it takes on the same dry, acerbic tone, with occasional moments of tenderness.

Meanwhile, Marvel has also released these stills from the show, featuring Jessica, the superpowered Luke Cage (Mike Colter) and the Purple Man.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones premieres on Nov 20. Woo hoo!

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