Remember the world of Jane Austen novels? All dashing gentlemen, tailored refinery, bubbling emotions beneath still waters and…zombie killers?

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It’s the very first Pride and Prejudice and Zombies trailer, and it’s looking right bloody marvellous, if you’ll excuse my faux-British writing. It’s adapted from the 2009 parody fan fiction novel by Seth Grahame, and the tone already looks right: romance-cum-horror-cum (urban?)-magical-realism-cum-action-movie.

It starts off so very genteel and civilised, before evolving into some thing much more kick arse. And there’s something really invigorating about watching Victorian ladies dispatch the undead.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies’ Singapore release date has been tentatively set for Feb 5, 2016. And to up the geek ante, it stars 13th Doctor Matt Smith, and two of the Lannisters: Lena Headey and Charles Dance.