Fear The Walking Dead
“Maybe if we all stand here and look vaguely concerned, they won’t eat us.” ©AMC

After a surfeit of teasers and more teasers, we finally have it: The first Fear The Walking Dead trailer, unleashed at Comic Con this morning.

It starts out like any other suburban family drama – mom Madison (Kim Dickens) nagging her daughter to hurry up, dad Travis (Cliff Curtis) fixing the sink, junkie son Nick (Frank Dillane) awakening from a drug-induced haze somewhere in Los Angeles.

Except that what Nick sees next is no hallucination. It’s best summed up by this quote: “When civilisation ends, it ends fast.”

The real fun of the show will be watching the beginnings of the zombie apocalypse slowly, agonisingly unfold, especially on the ubiquitous YouTube videos captured by bystanders.

It’s all coming to us on Monday, Aug 24 at 910am Singapore time, with a repeat telecast at 10pm. You can catch it all on AMC on Singtel TV, Channel 322.

I’ll end this post on a GOT-related fun fact: Nick Dillane is the son of Stephen Dillane, who plays (played)…Stannis Baratheon.

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