Disneyland sure had changed a lot since she the last time she went there. ©Disney

We may only have gotten two 30-second trailers so far, but there’s a sense of awe and wonder about Tomorrowland that’s sending tingles down my spine.

The story of jaded former boy-genius Frank (George Clooney) and the young and bright-eyed Casey (Britt Robertson), it taps on that age-old childhood fantasy: A secret hiding place that no one else knows about, that’s filled with wonders and secrets.

Just like the first trailer, we are only given tantalising glimpses of the mysterious Tomorrowland. It even recycles Clooney’s monologue from the first.

But it looks like the special effects are going to be amazing, and with a soundtrack that sends the heart racing, I have high hopes for this.

The movies opens in Singapore May 21. Tell us your thoughts on the latest Tomorrowland movie trailer!