Honest Trailers is back again, this time to send up one of the greatest comic book movies of all time. That crew never quite lets us down, even when they’re skewering one of our favourite movies.

Here’s some of the best zingers in the trailer.

  • “Now, the greatest threat to the Avengers is – it’s going to be themselves again, isn’t it? Yeah, that’s what happens when your villains kinda suck.”
  • “What, you thought there’d be lasting stakes? Come on, this is Marvel we’re talking about!”
  • “Bucky, the man whose haircut was frozen in the 90s.”
  • “Watch Tony Stark deal with the heartbreak – of dating someone whose contract expired after Iron Man 3.”

So here it is – the Civil War Honest Trailer. Looks like the Russo brothers’ stated intention to make the movie Honest Trailer-proof didn’t quite work.