Pacific Rim: Uprising
Photo: Legendary Pictures/Universal Pictures

The Jaegers are being called upon to cancel the apocalypse again. And this time, the team is steered by Stacker Pentecost’s son Jake, played by our favourite rogue stormtrooper, John Boyega.

The mecha-versus-monster mayhem we saw in the first Pacific Rim movie is only a prelude to the devasting worldwide assault being dealt by a new swarm of evolved Kaiju.

And from the looks of the trailer, it seems that Jake, his old buddy Lambert (Scott Eastwood) and a 15-year-old Jaeger hacker named Amara (newcomer Cailee Spaeny) are piloting the upgraded Gipsy Avenger this time.

Watch below:

We here at Geek Crusade are big fans of the first Pacific Rim movie (see our review) and even though director Guillermo del Toro is no longer at the helm (Daredevil’s Steven DeKnight has taken over), the first trailer looks promising with its new line of badass Jaegers.

The one with the Gundam-esque plasma swords is Saber Athena, the one with the electric whip is Guardian Bravo and the one with the giant ball of a million chainsaws for a fist is Titan Redeemer.

I just hope that, in spite of all the sexy new weapons added, the Jaegers will still lay down the same lucha libre style smackdown which made its predecessor so compelling!

Pacific Rim: Uprising will be out in cinemas on March 23, 2018 in the US. Is this trailer making you feel war-ready, geeks?

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