We’ve all been raving over the faux-Western Westworld for the past year. Now it’s time for an actual Western, brought to you by Netflix and its never-ending funding – and produced by famed auteur Steven Soderbergh, no less.

Godless, a seven-part limited series, is the story of the outlaw Frank Griffin (Jeff Daniels) and his gang, who are out for blood. Their former compatriot Roy Goode (Jack O’Connell)  betrayed them and is now holed up in a New Mexico mining town largely run by women.

It’s there that he meets the widow and fellow outcast Alice Fletcher (Michelle Dockery). So you just know that a showdown between Griffin and Goode is on the cards. Check out the first Godless trailer below:

It’s a classic Western tale of (kind of) good guys and (maybe not so bad) guys. It’s all very eerie and lyrical, and we can already anticipate more then a few shootouts, moral dilemmas and waxing lyrical by the moonlight.

We’re also psyched by the very impressive cast, given their track record. The veteran Daniels has made waves in Looper and The Newsroom in recent years, while this is arguably Dockery’s biggest project since coming off Downton Abbey. Meanwhile, O’Connell was highly impressive in WWII drama Unbroken.

Godless begins streaming on Netflix November 22.

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