Wonder Woman trailer
‘Still doubt me, Nicholas?” ©Warner Bros

We all had our doubts about Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman (including myself), but the Israeli actress is looking very, very good as the Amazonian. And the brand new Wonder Woman trailer that dropped today has got us all kinds of excites.

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The parallels with Superman are all there: Immensely powerful being from an alien culture comes to Earth and decides to work for the good of all humanity. But it’s clear that the appearance of Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) in Themyscira will ensue in tragedy and force Diana’s hand.

The action looks pretty amazing, while Diana’s fish-out-of-water moments are reminiscent of the first Thor movie (also about a god coming to Earth). That moment she strides out into no man’s land in the middle of World War I will have you cheering, and it all culminates in THAT theme again.

The Wonder Woman Singapore release date has been tentatively set for June 1, 2017.