Now that we’ve seen Barry Allen’s (Grant Gustin) brand new hipster look, The CW has released what we’ve really been waiting for: a The Flash season 4 extended trailer.

The focus is primarily on Iris (Candice Patton), who has (surprisingly) become the figurehead and leader for Team Flash. Unsurprisingly, the team is struggling in Barry’s absence, and Iris is forced to become cold, unrelenting and focused.

There’s no doubt she’s hurting though, given her response to Joe’s (Jesse L. Martin) suggestion of a funeral for Barry: “What are we gonna bury, Dad? An empty suit in the lab?”

But of course, it’s called The Flash for a reason, and it’s not long before Cisco (Carlos  Valdes) finds a way to bring Barry back from the Speed Force. But it’s not the same Barry they know…

It must be said that Iris is a far cry from the version we saw in season 1, who was more annoying than anything else. Most of us at Geek Crusade were actually shipping Barry and Detective Patty Spivot (Shantel Van Santen), before she was unceremoniously written out of the show.

Instead, Iris has evolved – thanks to much better writing over the seasons – into the emotional fulcrum of the show, and a real partner to Barry. Here’s hoping she continues to evolve, and that the Barry/Iris dynamic continues to improve.

Meanwhile, there’s still the small matter of Barry’s (non-speedster) nemesis for the season: The Thinker.

 The Flash returns Tuesday, October 10 on The CW. 

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