No one’s taking this throne away from me. © HBO

For the past couple of years, geeks have spent their March eagerly awaiting the premiere of the latest season of Game of Thrones. Alas, this year we still need to wait three months and some change before we check in on Westeros again, but in the meantime, HBO has released some timely teases.

The first S7 teaser trailer truly was a tease, but the latest GOT trailer from HBO was really spine chilling. Ominous music plays as Daenerys Targaryen, Jon Snow and Cersei Lannister walk purposefully down corridors and into what I presume are their respective throne rooms.

Clearly, these three characters are going to be the three most important ones in the coming season as war finally breaks out, for real this time. This isn’t a subtle tease, but it’s mighty effective one.

But then Cersei breathes out a cold breath that lingers in the air, we notice that Dany is more covered up in robes than the dresses she usually prefers, and the camera zooms out to show us the eye of the Night King.

For winter has finally come to Westeros.