The Mummy trailer
©Universal Pictures

The last time we got a proper The Mummy trailer back in December, it looked mighty scary indeed. And the reboot of the Brendan Fraser franchise carries on in the same vein, as Navy SEAL Nick Morton (Tom Cruise) finds himself in the thrall of Ahmanet (Sofia Boutella), an Egyptian princess returned from the dead.

Morton undergoes a resurrection of his own after a plane crash, but he may be wondering why he even bothered given that he proceeds to be buried in rats and get attacked by all manner of creepy crawlies. It is always fun to hear the Cruiser screaming like a little girl, though.

Fortunately, Morton has the gravelly tones of Dr Jekyll (Superman’s dad Russell Crowe) to help him out, though you do hope Morton has done his reading and knows Jekyll’s name guarantees that it will all end in tears. He also has gorgeous archaeologist Jenny Hasley (Annabelle Wallis of Peaky Blinders) to help out, but we sincerely hope she won’t just be the damsel in distress.

The Mummy opens in Singapore on June 8.