If you liked Amazon’s The Man In The High Castle (and it is quite brilliant), then get ready for BBC’s SS-GB, coming to Asia today.

Based on Leigh Denton’s 1978 bestselling alternate history novel, it’s based on the key premise that the Battle of Britain ended in victory for Germany, ushering in Nazi rule over the United Kingdom in the 1940s. It stars Sam Riley (last seen in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies) as Douglas Archer, and Superman Returns star Kate Bosworth as Barbara Barga.

Here’s the synopsis:

“Renowned London detective Archer (Sam Riley) is caught between his brutal new SS bosses and a ruthless British resistance movement as he investigates what looks like a black market-related murder. Getting closer to the truth about the killing, Archer finds himself drawn into a treacherous plot as SS-GB rapidly merges crime drama with an intriguing spy tale, a compelling love story and a conspiracy thriller with global implications.”

There’s lots of things we like about this: Period drama, World War II, alternate history and high production values. Bring it on!

SS-GB premieres exclusively in Asia on Monday, February 20, on-demand on BBC First (StarHub Channel 522) at 8pm.