The Defenders
“Stop saying I can’t fight!” ©Netflix

This is something of a surprise, given that it’s far from the worst of the lot. But an analysis by a marketing-analytics firm shows that The Defenders may well be the least popular of the five Marvel Netflix series so far.

Variety reports that Jumpshot concluded that The Defenders (see our review) was the least-watched Marvel original series in the U.S. as measured over the first 30 days of viewership. The San Francisco-based company analyses click-stream data from a panel of more than 100 million internet consumers in the States.

Here’s more on their methodology:

“For the comparison, Jumpshot created an index benchmarking each of the Netflix Marvel series against the top-viewed of the bunch, which was Daredevil season 2 in March 2016. Following its Aug. 18 premiere, The Defenders clocked in with just 17% of the viewership that Daredevil season two received in the first 30 days. The study looked at Netflix U.S. subs who watched at least one episode of each series.

Compared with The Defenders, the previous premieres of Iron Fist, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones performed relatively equally in the first 30 days, accounting for 28%, 27% and 26% of “Daredevil” season 2’s viewership, respectively. In addition to being the least-viewed of the group, “The Defenders” also had the largest week-over-week drop in viewership, declining by 67%, 48% and 41%, respectively, over the 30-day period, per Jumpshot.”

It should be noted that Netflix doesn’t release viewing data, which means the industry relies on third parties to provide estimates. Netflix has also said that it evaluates the full performance of its content on its VOD service over a longer span. And it’s always possible that a series will gain in popularity over time.

But as Variety points out, The Defenders showed a significant drop in viewers in its first month. Separately, Netflix has said that Jessica Jones is its most popular Marvel series for first-time viewers.

Did you watch The Defenders? What did you think of it?