Gillian Anderson
Photo: 20th Century Fox

It’s been wonderful seeing our favourite FBI agents back on the small screen again, but it seems that The X-Files Season 11 will be Gillian Anderson’s a.k.a. Dana Scully swan song.

Reporting from press interviews at New York Comic Con, Screen Rant quoted Anderson as saying that the upcoming season will be her final one. The 49-year-old was asked if she had any interest in playing the character again, and why she chose to come back for season 11:

“No, no. I think this will be it for me…Because it felt like it wasn’t over. It didn’t feel like we necessarily deliver everything the fans were expecting of us last time, and so it was that.”

But it will clearly be a wrench for Anderson, who has also starred in HannibalThe Fall and American Gods in recent years. She was asked how difficult it would be to leave the role of Scully behind:

“I don’t know. You may need to talk to me in a few years about that once I finally shut the door. You know, there’s always been this may one more thing hanging over, but when the door is finally shut call me up and ask me that question again.”

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