Jessica Jones
They didn’t want to acknowledge that she was the most popular. ©Netflix

In one of the least surprising turns of events ever, Netflix has revealed that Jessica Jones is its most popular Marvel series for first-time watchers.

Netflix’s vice president of product innovation Todd Yellin recently revealed the popularity of their respective Marvel series. According to Yellin, when newbies to the Marvel TV universe decide which series to begin with, they invariably choose Jessica Jones.

The viewing order after Jessica Jones tends to be Daredevil, then Luke Cage, with Iron Fist as the last choice, said Yellin:

“When it comes to an individual story, they’ll watch it in order. But when it comes to these related kind of series, they’re very different kinds of stories. They watch them in order of how they’re interested in them and how they learn about them.”

The character was arguably the best thing about The Defenders (see our review), while Iron First was definitely, well, the worst. So all we can really say is this: watch Jessica Jones, because it’s well worth your time.

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