Jon Hamm
Photo: Carin Baer/AMC

Let’s be honest, we at Geek Crusade swoooooned when it was announced that David Tennant and Michael Sheen had been cast as the demon Crowley and the angel Aziraphale in the TV adaptation of Good Omens.

Now to add to the swoon factor – joining them will be Jon Hamm, who has been cast as the archangel Gabriel, the primary messenger of God in the story.

Written by fantasy writer Neil Gaiman and the late, great Terry Pratchett, Good Omens has had a cult following amongst fans since it was first published in 1990, including Hamm himself.

“I read ‘Good Omens’ almost 20 years ago…I thought it was one of the funniest, coolest books I’d ever read. It was also, obviously, unfilmable. Two months ago Neil [Gaiman] sent me the scripts, and I knew I had to be in it.”

Those familiar with the novel may remember that Gabriel only appears very briefly in it, but it seems that his role has been expanded in Gaiman’s screenplay for the six-part series. In a statement to Deadline, Gaiman explained why this was so:

“He is everything that Aziraphale isn’t: he’s tall, good-looking, charismatic and impeccably dressed. We were fortunate that Jon Hamm was available, given that he is already all of these things without even having to act. We were even more fortunate that he’s a fan of the books and a remarkable actor.”

In addition, the cast for the series includes British comedian Jack Whitehall, Better Call Saul‘s Michael McKean and veteran actress Miranda Richardson. Meanwhile, Hamm will next be seen in the Black Mirror-like Marjorie Prime.

Alas, while they’ve already started filming, the series will only air in 2019, so best to settle in for a long wait ahead. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a picture of Tennant and Sheen in character: