Olivia Colman

Say hello to your next Queen Elizabeth II: Broadchurch and The Night Manager actress Olivia Colman has signed up for season 3 and 4 of Netflix series The Crown.

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Colman, 43, will replace Emmy nominee Claire Foy, 33. And before you go asking “What did Claire Foy do???”, relax: it’s all part of the plan. Each season of The Crown follows a decade in the life of Elizabeth Windsor, and the role will be recast with an older actress for each stage of her life. 

There’s no word on who will eventually replace Matt Smith, who plays Prince Philip. But he and Foy are still around for season 2, which roughly covers 1957 to 1964.

So Foy reprises her role in the upcoming second season of the drama, which will be released by Netflix on Dec. 8. Joining the cast are Matthew Goode (Lord Snowdon, a photographer who married Princess Margaret) and Michael C. Hall (John F. Kennedy).

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