Peter Capaldi
“Spoilers again?!” ©BBC

The UK media was recently treated to an advance showing of the first episode of Doctor Who Season 10, and initial reviews seemed promising. Showrunner and head writer Steven Moffat was quick to remind those who had seen the episode not to review any spoilers. Especially for the teaser at the end that showed scenes from the upcoming season.

Now usually, this is enough for most reviewers to keep mum. But yesterday, The Sun tabloid leaked the identity of a returning character, so the BBC were forced to announce the return of…

Heeeeere’s Johnny! ©BBC

That’s right, John Simm is back as the Master! We last saw him waaay back in the finale of Season 4, when David Tennant was still the Tenth Doctor. And while the maniacal evil Simm brought to the Master was the perfect match for Tennant’s manic take on the Doctor, I’m not so sure how he’ll fare against Peter Capaldi’s older and more cynical Twelfth Doctor.

And because it isn’t Doctor Who if things don’t get all wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey, it turns out that Simm’s Master will go head to head with the current incarnation of the character, played by Michelle Gomez, something that Moffat clearly relishes. In the BBC press release, he said:

“It’s been a huge pleasure to have fan favourites John Simm and Michelle Gomez face to face in the same role! It’s not often you get to see a solo personality clash.”

I will point out, however, that we’ve had several incarnations of the Doctor face each other on multiple occasions throughout the time of the new Doctor Who, most notably in 2013’s The Day of the Doctor. That special saw the Tenth Doctor, the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) and the War Doctor (the late, great John Hurt) work together to save the fate of the universe.

Still, it would be interesting to see how Simm and Gomez face off with each other. In the meantime, the BBC has also released a new teaser for Doctor Who Season 10.

Doctor Who Season 10 will premiere in the UK on 15 April.