Stranger Things season 2

The demogorgon served as the villain in the first season, but Stranger Things season 2 will feature a brand new – and BIG – creepy crawly menacing the kids.

It begins from Will (Noah Schnapp) and his PTSD-like visions of the Upside Down, including a giant arachnid-like creature dubbed “the shadow monster” that will serve as the season’s singular threat. Schnapp explains to Entertainment Weekly:

“It’s not like others have gone through this. No one has ever gone through this before. So [Will’s] confused, he’s scared, and he’s trying to cope with everything. You’ll learn in the second season how the Upside Down is affecting him and how it’s kind of changing him.”

Series creators Ross and Matt Duffers say the creature was inspired by horror classics by the likes of H.P. Lovecraft. And the “shadow monster” in the sky is the major threat that literally hangs above everyone’s heads. As Ross puts it:

“I think the difference is you don’t really see how it’s all tied together until later. But it’s all connected to this singular threat which is tied into this shape that Will sees in the sky. Will is the way through which we’re able to understand what’s going on.”

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