The CW sure does seem to be having fun at the expense of Barry Allen a.k.a. The Flash a.k.a. The Fastest Man Alive a.k.a. the Scarlet Speedster a.k.a….(okay, we get it).

Last season alone, we saw angsty millennial Barry:

Barry Allen
“Can’t you like, feel my pain, bro?”©The CW

Alongside evil future Barry:

Barry Allen
“Who’s the villain now, Flash??? Oh, wait…” ©The CW

For The Flash season 4, we’re getting hipster bearded Barry!

Barry Allen
“Where’s my latte?” ©The CW

Jokes aside, Grant Gustin told Entertainment Weekly that Barry will come out of the Speed Force “pretty scrambled”.

“He’s not himself, he’s talking nonsense. The way I see it, when he was in the Speed Force, he experienced his whole life laid out in front of him from start to finish. So in some sense, he comes out very wise, kind of knowing everything, but he has no understanding of what he’s seen, so he comes out very jumbled.”

Just check out the teaser for The Flash season 4, with the first episode entitled ‘The Flash Reborn’:

But despite the gloomy look, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg says that being in the Speed Force will be cathartic for Barry Allen:

“His experience in there has really washed away a lot of his sins and cleansed him of a lot of his doubts, his fears, and his guilts, and it really is leaving him free and clear to just have an open road and a fresh start. He really loves being The Flash again.”

All we can say is: for the love of God Barry, please don’t go back in time and try to fix stuff again.

The Flash returns Tuesday, October 10 on The CW. 

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