Westworld season 2
Will Dr Ford be back? Photo source: HBO Asia

When last we left our favourite synthetic hosts of Westworld (see our review of the season finale), it was with a series of quite staggering reveals and hanging plot points. And with the full knowledge that Westworld season 2 will only arrive in 2018, there’s little we can do but wait and speculate and wait some more.

But here’s some good news at least: according to Caleb Williams of the website Omega Underground, the second season is due to start filming in California and Utah on July 10. Omega Underground site has become a reliable source of production information in recent months, so it should be on the money.

Meanwhile, co-creator and executive producer Jonathan Nolan has revealed the title of the season 2 premiere. In an interaction with a user on Reddit, Nolan posted a photo of the front page of the script for season 2, episode 1.

The smiley face maze is a clear reference to the maze that was a key theme in season 1. And while the title is partially covered, it’s most likely to be “Journey Into Night”. Could it be a reference to the park descending into further chaos? The last episode of season 1 ended at night with the hosts running amok – have they completely taken over the park? WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

So many questions. Watch this space as we bring you updates. Meanwhile, check out the 7 things we want to see in Westworld season 2.