This week, we look back at The Flash episode The Fury of Firestorm and the Arrow episode Beyond Redemption.

1The man shark is real

Barry knew he shouldn’t have made the crack about Jaws. ©The CW
For most of the episode, it seemed easy to dismiss a shark walking on land as simply a nod towards the comic book audience. After all, we’ve already seen a psychic gorilla, why would the producers put another random beastly humanoid in.
Even Patty Spivot (Shante VanSanten) seemed content to relegate it to the case of unicorns and leprechauns… Right up to the moment King Shark grabbed Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) before he could level up his stalking skills (seriously, is that what you’ve been learning from Jay).
Having King Shark actually make an appearance certainly bumped up the fan factor, though that scene was overshadowed by yet another that we’ll cover in a bit.

2Team Arrow has a new secret lair

I think I like this new Arrowcave. ©The CW
S.T.A.R labs always seemed a lot nicer than the Arrow cave, with all the fancy science stuff, which I’m sure must have made Team Arrow a little envious at times.
Well, envy no more, Diggle and friends. Using money he probably doesn’t have, Oliver decided to give their new hideout an upgrade, bringing it a bit more in line with what Team Flash.
So, prototype Watchtower?

3Firestorm reborn

The fiery hairstyle was all the rage with the hipsters. ©The CW

Without Ronnie Raymond (Robbie Amell), the Firestorm matrix wasn’t really as effective as a single Professor Martin Stein (Victor Garber).

Enter Jefferson “Jax” Jackson (Franz Drameh). In what will likely bring comparisons to the latest Fantastic Four movie, Firestorm is now mainly played by a black actor… But that’s not the only interesting bit.

In Jax, we have an athlete turned mechanic as opposed to a scientist (which Ronnie was), bringing some diversity to the brain-smart Team Flash – Cisco, Caitlin, Jay and Stein are scientists, while Barry is a forensics expert.
Conversely on Arrow, only Felicity Smoak, Ray Palmer and now Curtis Holt are the brainy ones. Oliver Queen doesn’t count since he’s Batman.
Of course, that being said, Firestorm was pretty much ejected from Team Flash into cold storage for Team Legends of Tomorrow until further notice. One could assume Sara Lance/White Canary will face a similar fate after Constantine is done with her…

4Is Olicity stable?

They were stunned to discover that he wasn’t the only billionaire playboy superhero. ©The CW
It does seem like a pointless question to ask, but the fact is Ray Palmer is still alive and Felicity is clearly still grieving for him.
Additionally, we know Damien Dahrk has a habit of threatening the families of those he wants to control. How long can Oliver Queen keep his identity a secret, especially since Darhk could still have spies within the League of Assassins?
Relationships don’t have a very long shelf life in the Arrowverse, so while most of us want Felicity (to have a good life, of course), we can’t deny that the odds aren’t in her favour.

5Harrison Wells has a big gun

“That’s right: I’m here to represent DC’s messy continuity.” ©The CW

Two surprises within the last few minutes of this week’s episode of the Flash and neither were disappointing. Sure, King Shark was a nice nod to the comic book readers, but Harrison Wells staring down Barry Allen?!

Again, this leaves us wondering so many things about Wells, as I’ve covered in previous articles. At the moment, though, my guess is that this is the real Harrison Wells and he feels responsible for creating metahumans, and therefore feels it is his responsibility to take down the Earth-2 metas that have been brought over by Zoom.
Now that the portal is stable enough for travel, though, who knows what else might come through?
And Wells seems to navigate Earth-One easily enough, knowing where to find the weapon he needed to defeat King Shark, for instance. What else is the still mysterious after one season figure keeping from us?