Zombie Survival School: Saving Lives Since 2014

Go to School. Study Hard. Get Certified
Go to school. Study hard. Get Certified.

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Have you ever lay awake in bed at night and asked yourself the question: if the undead arise tomorrow, am I  ready?

Will you know what to do when they burst through the door of your hard-earned HDB flat and want to eat your flesh?

Never fear, for there is a solution that will appeal to the Singaporean in you: go to school, study hard and get certified.

Presenting –> Zombie Survival School: Saving lives since 2014

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Zombie Survival School offers a series of theory and practical modules conducted by certified experts (yes, really) and covers all the topics you will need to survive the apocalypse, including:

• Survival skills
• Self-defense
• First aid

Zombie Survival School believes in hands-on learning; all participants will even be given the chance to test their skills against ‘zombies’.

To graduate, participants must pass all required modules and earn 80 academic credits.

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Zombie Survival School boasts a 100 per cent passing rate*. It is your best bet for staying alive when the inevitable happens and the zombie horde knocks at your door.
* Disclaimer – only the living are counted in the passing rate


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1. Zombie apocalypse: Can survive one!

When: October 26, Sunday, 430pm – 6pm

Details:  Module, pricing and sign up info here.

2. Crash Course: Better than no Training

When: Mid Jan 2015

Enroll:  Please join our mailing list to be updated when enrollment is open.


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Upcoming Modules

1.  ZSS101 Zombie Apocalypse: Can Survive One!  October 26, 430pm – 6pm  -> Click to register

Join zombie expert Nicholas Yong in the first module of Zombie Survival School

2. Crash Course your way into surviving the dead (mid Jan)


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