ZSS101 Zombie Apocalypse: Can Survive One!

We sold out online! limited tickets will be available for sale at Bridge Cafe today from 4pm-430pm. You can buy them at $25!

Join zombie expert Nicholas Yong in the first module of Zombie Survival School
Double chop confirm can survive one.

Fact: Three in five Singaporeans are unprepared for the zombie apocalypse.  It is a shocking statistic that must be corrected for the good of all humanity – Nicholas Yong

Come Sunday, October 26,  Singapore’s only zombie survival expert Nicholas Yong, will launch the first module of Zombie Survival School, entitled Zombie Apocalypse: Can Survive One!

Held at the Bridge Café| Restaurant | Bar in Seah Street, this one hour theory module will include topics such as Supermarket Shopping FTW, and The Surprisingly Useful Nature of Everyday Items In The Zombie Apocalypse. Plus, the answers to your burning questions such as:

1. Which is better – parang or gun?

2. Who should I include in my survivor group?

3. When my friend gets bitten, should I

a) abandon him
b) nurse him along as he gets progressively worse before having to tearfully  execute him or
c) reassure him and keep him in the group so he can be used as zombie bait later on?

*This is an essential module and it  will earn 4 academic credits at Zombie Survival School.

 Zombie Survival School offers a series of theory and practical modules conducted by certified experts (yes, really) and covers all the topics you will need to survive the apocalypse. Your friends might laugh now, but they won’t be laughing when the inevitable happens.

About Nicholas

Nicholas is the author of Land of the Meat Munchers, a zombie novel set in Singapore. He’s also watched every single episode of The Walking Dead. Not to mention 28 Days Later, Shaun of the Dead, Zombieland, World War Z, Dawn of the Dead and moreSo you just know he’s spent an unhealthy amount of time obsessing about the prospect of the undead rising to kill us all.

Event Details

When: Sunday, October 26
Timing: 430  – 6pm
Where: Bridge Café| Restaurant | Bar –> Address: 31 Seah Street Singapore 188387
Admission: Early bird discount: $20 for the first 15 sign ups. Regular price: $25 — Tickets include admission to the talk, a cup of coffee and a copy of Land of the Meat Munchers. This event is capped at 30 participants.

Zombie Survival School: Module ZSS101


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